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The pitfalls of procrastination - lessons


We all put off assembly decisions and compelling battle from time to time (yes, me too). It's okay to do that rarely but if you are a accepted pontificator then it will constantly cause you pain, even if you aren't aware of it. By putting equipment off on a conventional basis you hold by hand back and in its place of progressing in your life, you'll regress.

Mary's Story

I've been education Mary for over the past 6 months and she is a classic procrastinator. She'll often agree to charming compulsory battle which fallout from each education gathering she has and then not do anything. She's continually got the excuses. In fact she could write a book with some of the reasons she comes up with. Her behaviour has had a dramatic bearing on her affair and not public life.

Her commerce is budding yet she can't keep up with the growth. She's constantly had staff issues as she puts off production with them.

Her administrative center systems are in chaos as a consequence of not attractive action.

She's behind money and having restless nights. Her not public life is attractive a injury and her connection with her wife is floundering. She know what she needs to do and yet will not take the time to get the foundations in place.

Now I just sought after to say that the lessons hasn't been a closure in fact although all of this, Mary has made advance ? slowly.

She has as a final point had a wake up call. And it's such a shame it had to come to pass this way.

Mary was running on her central processing unit when the task alarm rang reminding her to ring her Grandmother. This was not the first time she had set this reminder up. In fact it had been appearing over the last month and each time the bell rang, she put off ringing and set a further date. It would have been easy to pick up the phone and call her grandmother, yet she chose to defer and reset the alarm again.

However this time when it rang, she blocked in her tracks. She read the note which said 'Phone Grandma'. A wave of desolation engulfed her?Mary's Grandmother had died three weeks earlier!

The Final Word

Mary communal this story with me and was happy for me to write about it so that maybe a celebrity appraisal this will stop procrastinating and ring their grandad, husband, brother, sister, protect or other loved one already it is too late.

Mary is especially affection the pain and that profound confrontation has bowed her around.

Reminds me of the story of the old man and the dog:

Old man meeting on porch on rocking chair, his dog next to him is buzzing and crying . . a new character walks past and asks "what's the be relevant with your dog?" and the old man replies, "oh, he's just session on a nail" ? stranger asks "so, why doesn't he just get off?" . . to which the old man replies "well, it clearly doesn't hurt enough".

About The Author

Lorraine Pirihi, principal of The Bureau Organiser (http://www. office-organiser. com. au) is Australia's Delicate Productivity Coach.

Lorraine specialises in running with businesspeople performance them how to dramatically boost their productivity, bring down the stress and the mess in their lives and have more time for enjoying their life.

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