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We are faithfully where we elect to be - education


The idea for this month's newsletter came from an dubious encounter: I in recent times had lunch with a new associate named Rick Rockwell. You may bring to mind him as the single from the first-ever authenticity TV show, "Who Wants to Marry a Multimillionaire?"

During our meeting, Rick described some of the data he gained from doing the show, along with a few of past his experiences in business, ethics, and of course, primetime romance. The stories were fantastic, the drama was riveting, and as Rick complete his adventures with great humor, what impressed me most was what he wasn't saying.

You see, at no time did he dwell on the misfortune of not conclusion the love of his life or the way the media portrayed him. Instead, he said a bit along the lines of, "You know, Greg,! short and basically put, our circumstances, good or bad, are a address conclusion of our own actions, and ultimately, the only thing in which we are in true check of is our own (Attitude) towards them. "

To which I approved and responded, "You're certainly right. We're are all dealt obstacles as well as good chance in our lives-that's austerely a part of life itself. Yet it's how we carry the obstacles that shows the world our true charm as a person. "

Rick and I sat there, just brilliant on the brunt of that implication for a bit until the idea of this newsletter popped into my head. I said, "You know, Rick, when it's all said and done, the bed line is . . .

"We are closely where we decide on to be. "

Now, this is where I put the difficulty to you, the reader: Isn't that true for all of us? Isn't that true for all those about us?

I'm sure you know associates (or perchance even physically at times) who blame the world for their setbacks and failures, then simply! acclaim "luck" for those who be a success about them. Yet, when we especially appraise our own lives, we see that we are faithfully where we decide on to be at any given moment.

>We are a effect of our own atmosphere since we are the ones creating the ecosystem we are in.


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