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Crisis: chance or opportunity? - lessons


I have often heard motivational speakers say that the word calamity in Chinese means both likelihood and opportunity. In investigating the facts, I have found consecutively influence on the web as to whether or not this is true. I for myself do not speak Chinese and am definitely not an authority on this matter.

But whether itâ??s true or not, this I know to be true; a disaster is an opportunity. Itâ??s all in how you view it. And how you view it, makes all the difference.

I can only speak from my own experience, so let me share my own story. I a moment ago faced a affair crisis. My first bodily consequence was one of stress. All kinds of opinion went all the way through my head and most of them were in the form of questions. Andrew Morrison, come to grief of Small Affair Camp(www. smallbusinesscamp. com) says â??Questions are at times more athletic than answers. â??

Why? For the reason that the questions you ask will agree on the solutions you seek and they can turn a catastrophe into an opportunity. How so? Letâ??s take the communal questions many commerce owners doubtless ask themselves.

1. Why is this event to me?
2. Am I in the wrong business?
3. Why is/are he/she/they doing this to me?
4. What did I do wrong?
5. Why didnâ??t I see that coming?

These questions promote answers that are full of blame, self-doubt, rash decisions and feelings of victimization. They do not lend themselves to characteristic solutions and promote stress. We all know that stress kills! An condition called â??Stressâ?? on the American Diabetes Associationâ??s website (www. diabetes. org/type-1-diabetes/stress. jsp) says, â??Stress hormones that are calculated to deal with short-term hazard stay twisted on for a long timeâ??. A further story on Fox News permitted â??Did Sept. 11 Cause Heart Attacks? â?? (http://www. foxnews. com/story/0,2933,103030,00. html) states â??stress increases the risk of heart attacks and arrhythmiaâ??.

When facing a disaster donâ??t answer with a knee-jerk reaction. Take a instant to breathe and relax. It is more than expected not a likelihood requiring a fight or air travel response. Fight or departure responses have their place. But they ought to only be used where they are considered necessary like receiving out of the way of a speeding vehicle or in receipt of away from some other close life threatening danger. As long as you are not facing a job like this, take a moment! You owe it to yourself.

Now make a archetype shift, altering your view of the situation. Every so often we take effects very personally. We view a analysis or an battle as a individual affront. But there can be a million reasons as to why a touch is episode to you and none of it may be connected to no matter which you have done or said and may be motivated by a little going on with the other party. Donâ??t take it personally.

A emergency may be an chance for you to alteration or improve, construct advance procedures or even make a life change. The procedures of 9/11 were a terrible tragedy. We all agree on that. However, it became an break for this fatherland to analyze its flow in service procedures and security, asking develop questions of its leaders and requiring ancestors to pay nearer concentration to whatâ??s experience at home and abroad. Many people, once passive or indifferent, are now actively operational on creation this kingdom and the world a advance place.

If the fatherland can face such a devastating event like 9/11 and still pick up the pieces as a whole, make changes and expectantly move in a beat direction, then why not you? It all begins with asking change for the better questions from the beginning. Be aware of what you are adage to physically and adjustment the bearing if itâ??s not positive. This is not burying your head in the sand, this is background by hand up to take direct achievement in the right direction.

Now letâ??s look at a list of three solution-oriented questions:

1. What would be the best way for me to alias this?
2. How can I make to check this from event again?
3. What ought to I do for for my part so that I can move forward?

Your self-talk can spur you to accomplishment with accomplishment or cut you off at the pass and kill progressive solutions. Robert Kiyosaki, of Rich Dad Poor Dad fame, says "Don't say that you "can't" allow it. . . say, how "can" I come up with the money for it. " This accost spurs you to a solution. The other approximate shuts you down.

A great tactic, if this calamity involves a big shot else, would be to ask for a instant if possible. Genuinely assurance to concentrate on the job and get back to them at a certain time or day. This gives you a attempt to recover and come up with a viable solution.

For me, charming this approximate was a attempt for me to do amazing I knew I desirable to do. Build more exhaustive procedures and processes. It opened the way for cyst in my business. But the most noticeable own allowance was that it misused the way I physically felt and formed a relaxed, less stressed commerce owner with a affirmative bearing concerning the coming and positive, productive solutions. I challenge you to try this accost the next time you face a catastrophe and see if it can work for you.

Gayle Santana is the owner of The PVS Association and The PVS Complex Virtual Call Concentrate ration commerce owners in all places focus on the floor line! http://www. pvsnetwork. com; gayle@pvsnetwork. com


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