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The underground train in London can get you anyplace when you know how to contrive all the options. Like our subways, London under bring down is a busy place. When your train arrives and comes to a stop, you move ahead with the crowd, coming up for your turn to get on the train. A man's voice drones from overhead, advice you over and over: "Mind the gap. . . mind the gap. "

There is a crack of about 4 - 8 inches among the platform and the train, where any add up to of clothes could fall through. You could lose everything in it: a shoe, a foot, change, a purse could fall into that gap and never be seen again. There is also a small differentiation in height that could trip you up, so you may need to step up or down a bit as the train will maybe not be level with the platform. So every few seconds, once the train arrives, the kind gentleman reminds you to pay interest to that gap. And you do since he sounds so arresting and credible.

Mind your gap Managers need to be reminded to mind the gap, too. We need to arise staff who know how to carry out all those situations that fall amid the cracks. When not minded, these gaps can cause ancestors to be unstable or cause any digit of losses. Today's people code name more unpredictable situations than ever. The solutions for most of these are not outlined in a certificate manual. Those that are, customarily occur so far away from the guidebook that it's not handy anyway. So we need staff who can assume out how to answer back to anything.

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