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OK, so it wasn't quite that big of a deal. But I did find the "T" that mysteriously escaped from the word "not" in one of my articles a few months ago. Yep, I found it all right. Right at the end of what was anticipated to be the word "though". Of course, that misplacement resulted in a daft condemn absolutely void of logic - but for by attempt you missed the "t" and read the condemnation the way I future as a replacement for of the way I wrote it.

So why am I harping about a dense "t". Well for the reason that it shows once again that most of the time we see only what we count on to see. I almost certainly proof-read (or think I do anyway) most of my writings at least a dozen times. At times more. There's no way I must have ever missed that danged "t". Twelve times mind you! Twelve times my hardly brain saw only what it predictable to see. And missed realism completely.

Law enforcement agencies have a bugger-bear of a catch with this. If there are seven another witnesses to a crime, the keep watch over will generally wind up with seven altered versions of what happened. Oh sure, there will expectantly be a sufficient amount similarities and harmony of estimation so the foundation facts of the location will be usable for an capture and conviction, nevertheless you can bet that a lot of the minutiae will vary. They will vary as of the altered genetics and experiences of each of the witnesses. These witnesses will each filter and account for what they saw all the way through all of their preceding experiences and understandably, will come at faintly differing cinema of the event.

We only see what we count on to see. This applies to the better conjure up too, doesn't it? What our days are like. How our lives play out. Whether or not we especially accomplish those clothes that we are adept of doing.

Taking it down to the basics - if we get up in the cock-crow and anticipate to "see" a yucky day, there's a close to exceptional ability that is what we will experience. If on the other hand, we assume to come into contact with a in general good day, that's doubtless the way it will wind up.

If we cruise because of life in the family way to "see" discomfort, unhappiness, stress and struggles, the odds are that when we appear at our departure time and do a appraise of our not public account we will be able to view the video appealing much as we had projected. What a pity.

I don't know about you, but I count on more out of my days - and my life. I be expecting to see happiness, productivity, enjoyment of family, friends, characteristics - and love, lots of love. I be expecting to see delicate achievement and satisfaction from doing those effects I want to do - and am guided to do. I anticipate to see instruction learned, a long-lasting accretion of acquaintance and insight - and an ever nearer affiliation with my Master Teacher. And since I assume to "see" these things, I'm certain that I will. Life's like that.

Now if I could just find that gone astray "R"?

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