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Think, pause & talk - instruction


There are two kinds of peoples we in general face in every walk of life

1] who talks damaging and undue and

2] who talks at whatever time necessary or talks right and right time.

But in certainty we get attracted towards character who talks depressing and excessive, it gives us fun and tax-free entertainment and we get fascinated and influenced by such activities. . . . . is it good or bad. . . . . the must know and must read facts are as follows. . . only then you can appreciate good n bad.

1] They have no family member with the facts, act and event of allied topic cause they want to hide realism truth and behavior.

2] They never be grateful for any one but to deject others in their own way

3] These personnel hate others - their requests, commands, assistance and suggestions.

4] Construction others insult and mediocre is one of the elite trait they have.

5] They want to show stylishness and gravity via damaging and disproportionate talking.

6] These personnel continually want to hold, have a loan of and fetch acclaim even if they haven't done anything.

7] They shows anything they says and feel is only truth hence they all the time has false satisfaction

8] Essentially they are Hyperbole,Hypercritical,hypocrite personnel and are master in hypocrisy

9] By and large they are suffered by inferiority center in which, since of consequence and compensatory feelings to their affection of inferiority and also feels insecure hence the acquire the sense of extremist superiority to hide inferiority and try to overcome others by chatting excessively and negatively.

10] Those kind of associates all the time like to make fun of people.

11] These peoples has no frank atmosphere that's why they all of the above things.

Now the precarious answer of such persona are as follows.

1] Personnel having habit of conversation destructive and extreme will continually have everlasting mark on person's personality and it will not deteriorated and it may be inherited to the next generation.

2] These peoples make denial mark on character & circle hence they won't be respected.

3] It is a main punishment for them that they can't be held even if they are conversation truth.

4] Such talkers will not game any value in circle when the actuality is exposed

5] Relations are constantly in the problems.

So benign avoided and don't entertain such peoples and if you have residential such habit a moment ago or beforehand those days then be concerned about that you have only one and last attempt to save and alter by hand else you will be facing tribulations tomorrow. At the end I want to give a tip that is:- If you don't know how, why & what to speak it is all the time beat to keep quite and keep doing work for the reason that it consequences in progress, it is demonstrative, it builds your confidence--experience--skill and makes you perfect. It also make other to trust in & certain on you & gives accept to you

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Name : NIlesh B Gore

Profession : Graphologist(Hndwriting Analyst) & SW. Eng.

Email : ng411002@rediffmail. com

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Country : India, Ms

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