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Do you often feel lonely, anxious, or even depressed? Is a mid-life or quarter-life catastrophe threatening your confidence, self-esteem and well-being? Do you yearn for concrete counsel on enhancing, balancing and bringing new joy to your own and expert life?

Tens of millions of Americans fulfil a decisive "yes" to one or more of those questions. After all, figures account that more than 19 million of us are diagnosed with depression each year. Here are seven clear-cut exercises to enhance your life for a lifetime:

1) ACCEPT THE Instruction THAT ARE Existing TO YOU

At times, we like to play the victim role when clothes come to pass to us that are agonizing and difficult. First, adjust your bearing towards those events. A alter in your mindset creates miraculous shifts in energy. Varying your perspective makes a destructive location abruptly arrive positive.

Next, spend time with by hand to absorb the challenge for what it exceedingly is by journaling and/or meditating. In your quiet time, ask by hand why the job or character was obtainable to you.

Appreciate the person, thing or come across that brings you the lesson. Admit that these situations are the drive for change. For instance, we may have a boss that makes our job so challenging that we conclude to find a new job.

Then, when we find this new career and love it, we admiration why we didn't alter jobs sooner. In this scenario, it is critical for us to appreciate that if we didn't have a boss who made us want to leave our job, then we might have never left.

2) Be grateful for ALL Clothes - GREAT AND SMALL

The lack of happiness stems from the lack of recognizing that we do as a matter of fact have so much to be thankful. Even the character who feels that they have nothing, upon introspection, they can find that they are blessed with abundance. For instance, do we think about the gift of sight or the gift of hearing? These are as a matter of fact gifts and we often not remember that they are gifts.

Take time to abide by a celebrity who suffers with some type of bodily impairment. For instance, how long does it take them to get from their car to the front door of the grocery store? How long does it take them to do their grocery shopping? Perhaps, it takes them twice as long as you do or even longer. Anything that time may be, we take for approved that we can just park, hop out of our car and go shopping. Instead, look about and comment how much you have.

3) BEGIN A Gratefulness JOURNAL

Write in a journal at the end of each day. Note two equipment for which you are grateful. You may want to call back what made you smile, laugh or feel good all over. An illustration might be that you be grateful for the amiability of the sun or consideration the birds chirp on a crack of dawn walk. Journaling may make you apprehend that life actually has much to offer that is existing for free - we just have to admit it!

Create a journal for a spouse/significant other. How many times do we think about what we lack as an alternative of assessment about we have? We might focus on behaviors such our other half forgetting to take out the trash. We may even speak these feelings to them.

However, did we make any commentary about the belongings that our spouse/significant other did unprompted? Did we say thank you? Did we even admit it? Creating a journal for your beloved can have two benefits. First, you will acknowledge and be obliged for what you have. Second, the journal allows for your spouse/significant other to feel appreciated.


Children model adult behaviors. Thus, when they see us say thank you or send thank you cards, we are screening our family the import of being grateful. Make time to show a child ways to be appreciative. This can be your child, the neighbor's child, a grandchild or a niece or nephew. A clean doings would be that you could assist them in creation a thank you card.

5) Coin LISTS

There many atypical kinds of list that you can construct to facilitate a new zest for life. Here are a few topics to consider:

  • Ten body parts that work well

  • Ten ancestors who have assisted you

  • Ten equipment that give you joy and happiness

  • Ten belongings that you do well

  • Ten tricks that make you smile

  • Ten belongings that you like about yourself


Recall the last time that you conventional a thank you card in the mail. How did you feel? Reignite the same feelings by journalism a thank you card for a celebrity else.


Make appreciation a daily part of your routine. Participate in some type of action each day that brings appreciation into your existence. Acknowledge that being gratifying allows more good clothes to come into your life.

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2004 All Civil rights Reserved. Theresa Castro, MBA, is career coach and dramatist of the critically-acclaimed book, The Dark Ahead of the Dawn: 70 Secrets to Self-discovery in which she outlines strategies for repairing relationships, conclusion the ideal career, education to relax and efficiently balancing work and life. For more information, visit www. TheresaCastro. com.

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