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Our worst enemy - education


Who do you believe as your worst enemy? The criminals roaming
the dark streets? Your boss who's butchery you mentally and
emotionally with stress and harsh words? The ancestors in bureau
who are engaging in graft and corruption, as an alternative of helping
those in need?

We have many implications of who our enemies are; but we have
one customary foe who is the main cause of our failures and
misfortunes, and we're not even aware of this opponent.

You may not want to admit it, but our worst enemy is ourselves.

Who do you blame when a touch goes wrong? You blame the people
around you, the weather, maybe even God. But we are the ones who
are in charge of ourselves. We can adjust the outcome of our
lives as we have the ability to do that.

It is our fear, jealousy, greed, etc. that is ruining our lives.
Some associates who never managed to get out of poverty blame the
government or their jobs. But they're too fearful to try out
new ventures that may advance their lives. They half-heartedly
go to work on their 9 to 5 job. Then when the day is done, they
watch TV and go out uselessly having fun lacking acutely
thinking of what great chance the hope has in store for
them, if only they would try to do a little another with their

Fear has caused many to keep on cold and to never go out
exploring the amazing clothes this world has to offer.
Lots of citizens would considerably stay where they are in an
unsatisfied state than to risk difficulties and obstacles
for the sake of attaining their dreams.

If their lives are not receiving any better, they have no else
to blame but themselves.

Jealousy and envy has also caused some affiliation problems.
Some associates as soon as jump to conclusions lacking first
analyzing the situation. They let their rapid emotions
control their behaviors devoid of even accepted wisdom of the
consequences that may result.

If they're having evils with their relationships, they
have no else to blame but themselves.

This goes to show that we choose what will come about to us. Of
course, there are position that are ahead of our control,
like actual calamities. But we can still employ to our best
advantage the equipment that we have check of.

For instance, you got old by your dream girl. Some
people would just get drunk and feel miserable, belief that
it's the end of the world. Some will move onwards with their
lives and find the best in what ashes with them. See? It's
really up to you. You choose if you want to have a good life
or not.

You futile in your exams? So what? There's an added
opportunity. You can just sulk in be sorrowful or you can study
harder to get a high score in the future. It's up to you.

There's no use crying over spilled milk. You don't have to
get frustrated over your misfortunes. Concentrate on how
you could get develop in the future.

If we bump into problems, we can both give in to it, or we
can treat it as an occasion to befit stronger and to
become beat individuals. Winners would constantly treat their
dilemmas as opportunities.

Oh yes. We can be our worst enemy, but we can also be our
best friend. It's all up to you!

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